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Current Project

I’m currently working on the Foraged Book Project with Fergus Drennan. The project is a collaboration between renowned forager Fergus Drennan and myself. It’s aim is to produce a unique book made entirely from plants foraged from the wild, and to host related public events that will offer participants deeply engaging interactions with the natural world including food making and participating arts. See project >>


Through the development of new and existing techniques, such as laking pigments, charcoaling willow, inking oak galls, papering plants, and so forth, James Wood is questioning not only our own reliance in the machine made object but also that of the contemporary artist. His practice takes us back to an archaic way of working, where the artist has a connection to the land that he’s… Read more >>


There’s a large range of things currently in development such as foraged materials research, artists sustainability consultancy, new art works and much more. We like to keep you up to date, so make sure to visit the blog section of this site regularly.
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