Artist Statement

My current line of working began mainly during Yr2 of a Ba Fine Art Degree at Nottingham Trent University when I wished to envision a system for creating real sustainable artworks, starting initially with foraged and hand-processed artistic paints and materials. This later developed into creating a whole range of art based materials.

My artwork interrogates the human to nature relationships to try and understand ways in which we interact and react to our surrounding green and non-green spaces.

In order to question this I begin by unpicking the reasons for why things are currently done in certain ways, both physically and philosophically.

I take a key interest in solving systems, how they work inside out prior to re-imagining and modifying them to work in what I believe a more sufficient way. This more sufficient way takes into account a cradle to cradle approach of working; looking at using limited resources effectively, second and first hand research and harvesting and processing materials with effective previous knowledge. These are often influenced through permaculture style designing where all aspects from design, implementation, use, outcome, re-use and continued up-use and recycling are considered.