In order to make a more sustainable and interconnected practice I am constantly carrying out research in to a whole range of materials for artistic and use within imagery. I attempt to attain a resulting practice that uses 100% foraged materials, materials that are hand sourced, hand picked, hand processed and hand applied.. only through this can I be fully sure of my arts origins. The produced art work will also be alive, reacting with the atmosphere surrounding it, with the other organic materials that compose it, the relationships may develop and change over time.

On this page I’ve included a number of experimental outcomes as well as information I’ve collected. This is shown with the hope of getting yourself more involved with making more sustainable and foraged art work, as well as allowing you to deepen your knowledge in what can be achieved from materials that are constantly surrounding us.

Please let me know if it helps,


Colors Present in Plants

Carotenoids for yellows, oranges, pinks and reds

Chlorophyll for Green, Red and yellow

Flavanoids for yellow, blue and red

Extracting Colour from PlantsĀ 

Dyes and Pigments, The Basics

Changes to Dye Colours

Dye to Ink

Dye to Pigment

Making Paints

Pigment to Paint

Making Paper

Making a Deckle and Mould

Mushroom paper

Making Paper from Plants