fuscia flower fairies

Colour Garden at London College of Communication

During 2015 Gary Martin the head of book arts at the London College of Communication and I began to design and implement a pilot scheme where the roof tops of the site could be used as areas for growing. This growing will link back in to the school of arts where materials can be grown, harvested, processed and utilised by the students and staff within the organisation. Our initial pilot saw the building of a permaculture designed wicking bed utilising waste water and recycled materials, the wicking bed (a design which allows the user to only water the plants once a month using something called capillary action to water the plants) held classic dye plants from woad to madder. The gardens will be developed to hold more dye based plants along with fibre making plants, dye and fibre making mushrooms and eventually house animals which can be utilised for materials and other means.