Silver Birch and Associated fungi, insects and birds – 2013

This was an exciting piece for me as it worked more as a test, I worked off a hunch that pyrography could also be done in to the surface of mushrooms. The mushrooms used would have to be tough to width stand this burning and so the birch polypore was chosen. The images burnt on to birch polypores represent the, leafs, insects, birds and fungi found growing and living in association with silver birch trees, these mushrooms are then displayed on the split log of a dying birch tree – as they would be found in the wild. Being shown are, birch leaves, lady bugs, birch moths, chaffinch birds and fly agaric mushrooms.


These mushrooms not only represent the cycles of life present in situe of this tree they also physically show the circles of life. Within these mushrooms are various mites which are continuously feeding, these mites will eventually turn these polypore mushrooms to dust and then the work will be finished. Only the memory of the piece will remain. displayed low and in the corner of the gallery under a bench allows the viewer to get an understanding of the type of environment this might be found in the wild.