The Foraged Book Project – Volume One: Briefs and Proposals – 2013

This is the culmination of over 15 artists with a whole range of specialties and backgrounds coming together to create a unique handcrafted book entirely from wild and foraged materials. Volume one is made of Birch Polypore paper, on this paper each artist has been asked to write a proposal for the types of work they’d like to make entirely from foraged and wild materials – hence the briefs and proposals. From these briefs and proposals I will start to test, analyse and make new materials to share with the artists in various collaborations. The artists will also be taught how the materials are made, allowing them to continue to work independently in the same manner through their future works.

The pages are displayed here as an open book, they will eventually be bound in to a more regular book where we will look to exhibit it as a whole new piece in it’s own right. This book will also be visible as an online edition – although some of the feel may be lost through not being able to physically interact with the properties of the paper being used.


it’s interesting to see the different artists approach to the brief, some have mainly illustrated their papers with little writing, others writing lots with no imagery and some even daring to put this paper through a ink jet printer.