The Foraged Book Project

A collaboration between over 30 crafts people, artists, foragers and intellectuals to produce a unique hand-crafted book made entirely from plants, fungi and seaweeds foraged from the wild, and to host related public events that will offer participants deeply engaging interactions with the natural world including food making and participating arts. Organised and led by artist James Wood.

James will co-ordinate the production of this book. Physically every material used within the book will be foraged and processed by a range of individuals. The content of the book will include information, recipes, illustrations, tips and hints on foraging and processing materials for food and art equipment. The book will show the wonderful possibilities that lie within the natural landscapes surrounding us. It will get people interested in foraging and will offer different perspectives on derelict urban plots, parks and green spaces – revealing the potential of how these spaces can be used beyond walking spots.

Whilst James will develop the book as a collaboration, a key part of the project will be to pass on the information and techniques we learn during the research stages of the books production to a wider audience as well as allowing them to participate in a form of sustainable art. To achieve this, we will carry out a number of workshops and wildlife tours that include teaching and performing some of the recipes used within the book whilst keeping a continued focus on some combined Artistic outcomes.


Artists Included: 15
Crafts Makers Included: 5
Intellectuals Included: 10
Foragers Included: 5
New Artworks Created: 60
Workshops Ran: 180
First Hand Participants: 1,800
Second Hand Interaction: : 9,000
Magazines and publications included in: 18
Films included in: 8
BBC Country file Documentary: 1
Initial Funding Acquired: £8,800
Salaries supported: 4

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